Details: Campaign for Chaco
Format: Photography

Art Direction
Set Design
Set Building
Set Decoration

Chaco approached us to help with the launch of the Chromatic edition of their classic Z/Strap sandal. Chaco sandals are traditionally aimed at a more outdoorsy audience interested in a sturdy, comfortable tactical sandal. With the Z/Chromatic, Chaco wanted to appeal to a more fashion-focused consumer with monochromatic options that could still hold up in rough-and-tumble outdoor conditions. In order to meet the target consumer on their turf, we developed a social-first campaign that took advantage of brand elements already in Chaco’s toolbox, while aiming at a more high-end stylistic approach. For each hero colorway, we concepted respective “worlds” based on different natural themes (e.g. “Open Ocean,” “Salt and Sky,” “Desert Heat,” “Lush Oasis”) and built cooresponding sets in a studio environment. Each colorway featured 9 images with 4 image types within each set. 

For this campaign, I concepted the look/feel, directed the photoshoot, and executed the social takedowns and web banners for .com

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For the launch, we also created a set of looping videos to coincide with each colorway theme.