To celebrate the relaunch of  Grid Web (originally released in 2000), we styled and built a Y2K disaster bunker for the Saucony Originals booth at the 2019 Complex Con. The bunker included tons of 2000s era tech and pop culture paraphernalia that we thrifted, found on eBay, or rummaged from the depths of our basements.  


This was an intensive, quick turnaround project with a small team, so I was involved in all aspects of planning, designing, and building. I distressed Ikea furniture, dug through Savers’ CD and VHS sections, made a conspiracy theory pinboard, recorded an hour of Y2K-related news clips on a tape recorder, etc. etc.

The other designer on this project, Anton Jeludkov, and I worked together to make a newsprint zine that was distributed on site that included era-specific ads, news clippings, and essential items for a successful bunk-out.

We also created a bunker inhabitant, Theodore Webb, the fictional designer of the Grid Webb who went underground with his creation at the dawn of the millenium. A great deal of storytelling surrounding this character was included into the set, including a 20 page diary (that I handwrote) that included clues to a secret scavenger hunt that led to a voucher for a free pair of Grid Webs.